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What To Do If Robbed Or Attacked

The world is a dangerous place and getting worse every day. There are those who think it is easier to take your money with a gun, knife or through strong-arm tactics. And there is those others who have their thoughts on having you sexually and will do anything to make it happen.

Whatever the situation, there are some wise things you can do to keep away from these situations or defend yourself if there is no other path.

A Quick Important Message

Before I move any further, I MUST tell you something important. If you are being robbed and especially by gun point, please do not even try to fight back. Your billfold or purse is not worth your life.

Here is a little secret though… Carry a “dummy billfold” with just a few dollars in it and some old debit or credit cards that are no longer good. Give that to the robber instead of your primary billfold.

Some Self-Defense Tips You Should Know

I always will say that you should try to stay away from areas that are high crime zones. But there are times when that may be impossible or maybe the criminal has entered a low crime area.

You always need to be aware of what is happening around you.

One of the first tips I give anyone is:

Carry yourself with no fearpunch

What I mean by this is: do not give people the impression you are scared. If you are walking and looking scared, criminals can read that and will assume you have something on you to be scared of losing.

I am not telling you to swing your purse like it is a toy, but don’t clutch it as if you have $1,000 in it.

If you just pretend that you belong where you are and walk with confidence, criminals are more apt to find another person who looks “easier.”

If you are accosted by a criminal, use the following tips to defend yourself and/or escape the situation.

If They Grab You By The Wrist

Struggling against a wrist hold will get you nowhere.

The best way to escape this situation is to turn your wrist to where your thumb is in line with where the attacker’s thumb and fingers meet. Now quickly bend your elbow and you will free the grip.

I suggest that you immediately start screaming and run if possible toward people.

Be Loud

Martial artists have used the power of noise to throw off an assailant.

It also lets people nearby know there is a problem and hopefully some good Samaritans will come to help.

Do not be afraid to push back either. Criminals want easy targets and the idiot may just run off knowing you are not easy.

Fight Or Run?

This is an easy choice if you have both… Run, and run as fast as you can.

There are some so-called experts who will tell you to stand your ground and hit the person in the neck, abdomen or balls.

If the criminal is falling down drunk you may win, but I have seen situations where seemingly great martial artists have been ruined when a criminal gets in a “haymaker” or worse yet, shoots them with a bullet that is faster than any Bruce Lee punch.

If you can run, run and scream at the same time. Don’t let pride tell you different.

Side Of The Knee

SUNJACK Solar Charger - Take me with youOkay, let’s say you are cornered and cannot run. Some will tell you to go for the attacker’s eyes or throat.

Good luck with that…

Your best bet is to take the sole of your foot directly to the side of the person’s knee. Break that knee if you can… And what do you do next?



I will be sharing more self defense methods in up coming posts, but what I really want to stress here is, run if you can.

I believe that most martial arts masters would say the same thing to anyone they loved and cared for.

Maybe you don’t desire to carry a loaded firearm but there are some items you can carry that can make defense easier.

I suggest you carry a flashlight with you… But not just any ole flashlight. The BashLite is a flashlight that will knock a criminal to the ground with 4.7 Milliamps.

Or, if you don’t even want to come near the criminal, just dose ’em with Tear Gas that also has marking dye so the authorities can take them to jail.

I hope this post helped you understand some ways to protect yourself.

Leave a comment and let me know, and please share it with your social friends so they can stay safe too.


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