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Are You Getting Conned By Marketing Pros?

I am one of those people who hate shopping. When I need something, I just “beeline” to the area of the store it is in. I look at several things which include:

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  • The brands

  • The price

  • Sales – Which could very well be a con in itself

  • And guarantees

But many other people are addicted to shopping. If you mention the word mall or store or the best one…discount, they light up like a broke alcoholic who just found a bottle of Jim Beam. These are the targets of marketing pros.

Actually, all of us are the target of marketing pros, but they have narrowed the con methods as being best manipulated with the shopaholics who will fall into their marketing con trap.

Are the cons marketing pros use illegal?

In the majority of circumstances, marketing pros have attorneys at their fingertips who will lead them in the fine points of the law.

There is a loophole for nearly anything.

Even the famous lawyer, F. Lee Bailey once claimed that any murderer could be acquitted if the lawyer just found all the police blunders.

These are just some of the cons marketing pros use

Anchoring: You walk through the mall and you see that “instant markdown.” It is a pair of shoes 60% down from the original price.

Guess what?

They are still making a hefty profit. That is because 4 weeks prior in one of their stores in the rich area of some city miles away, the same company had those shoes marked 60% higher, and they were selling for extreme profits.

But, here in this area, they know they can’t ask the price they were there, but they can still profit. And, these may be the shoes that were returned at the other store with “minor flaws.”

It never sells: This marketing trick is fabulous trickery. Just say you walk into a restaurant and the menu has that certain item for $69. Are they crazy? But then you look down and see that many of the other meals are reasonable at only $44.

Are you crazy?

They sell that same chicken meal at the ma and pa establishment near the ghetto for $8.

Urgency: Every salesman person is taught this. Create a sense of urgency. There are only 5 of these left at this price, or there is only 1 hour left on this sale.

But, do you really need that brass monkey head?

I bet you can live without it.

And, the best part is, many consumers visit that store 1 month later to find the brass monkey at an even lower price.

Playing on your impulse: They try to get people like me with this trick all the time. Yes, I beeline to what I am shopping for, so I enter the non-customer friendly Puerto Rico Los Colobos Home Depot (yes, I am angry with their customer service, so I thought a bit of bad promotion here may make me feel better) looking for some drill bits. They should be by the drill right?

As I search through the maze of ads offering to sell me planters, shovels, and even a folding shed, lo and behold, there are the drill bits I need right by the kitchen sinks. Yep, sure seems like the perfect place to put them to confuse the client.

If my wife would have been with, that extravaganza would have cost me $400 + because of impulse. And, yes they got me too. The drill bits were $22 and the pick handle was $16, and did I mention the brass elephant head for $89.99 (that was a great sale marked down from $230)

Are you laughing at me?

Get the kids: Why is it we have to bend nearly to the floor to get a Snickers bar or pack of gum?


What parent will not pay for something their brat has just ripped open and is eating? By the way, it is actually illegal not to pay for it.

So that dirty marketing pros con is to put the items that kids love at their level so they eat it, damage it or beg and scream to have.

Final Thoughts

Just consider these the next time you enter a store. There are marketing pros that watch you, learn from you and will con you.

And most of us love them when they do.

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