What To Do If Family Or Friends Con You

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Companion Con

Every one has experienced being bamboozled at least, if not many times in their life.

It is almost human nature to expect a person to be some type of con artist or crook when they begin to ask about personal information.

It is more than okay to have these concerns, especially when, according to, “Conservatively, fraud steals $80 billion a year.”

Due to this one may be very careful about whom they let close into their life, but what if the person that is already in that close circle is the one that pulls the wool over your eyes?
It may be impossible to think this would ever happen, but unfortunately it can be easily done. Here are a few steps that may help if you think a household member or friend has decided to con you:

-Confirm if they really did scam you.

Simple Truths Clearance 40 Titles Starting at $5It may sound silly, but it is so important to double check that the situation is seen clearly and that the following actions are done for a reason.

Accusing someone who has not conned you can be extremely damaging to any relationship. This confirmation can come in many different way depending on the situation and the suspect. If the suspect is still comfortable to be around and converse with, it may be best to use the honest route of asking them.

This may be tricky or difficult to do, but it may bring a whole new clarity to the situation. On the other hand, this may bring the suspects attention to the fact that you know and can cause them to panic. Be careful to how you approach confirmation.

It may be a lot more simple to look into the situation on your own and gain information and facts that can prove the suspect is guilty.

-Gather proof.

Whether it is paperwork, e-mails, text messages, pictures, or recorded phone calls/conversations, save it! Any hard proof of the situation can really come in handy when needed. If this proof is thrown out or lost, you may have no proof that you were ever even stolen from. Saving evidence as it created or found can save time, energy, and a lot of frustration!

-Decide if legal action needs to be put in place.

If the family member or friend decides to deny the theft or the situation cannot be resolved and it is serious, one may decide to take legal action.

It may also be best to report it to have legal record that it has happened before, because they have the capability to do it again! It is best to contact local police in this situation. If still concerned or the local police are not as helpful as needed, is a great website that can guide the process of reporting scams and fraud.

Be aware of the outcomes of these actions, they could cause many legal consequences for the suspect.
Now that we discussed the legal side of things, it may be important to go over the more personal side of the situation, which unfortunately can be even more difficult.

Being conned in general can have a emotional effect depending on the severity and can be even more damaging when done by a family member or friend. Some friends may be easy to separate from after an event like this has occurred, but it can be painful to remove very close friends or blood that are a big part of your life.
In some situations, it may be better to forgive the culprit. They may have had a reason, not that magically makes it right, but that makes their wrong doing a little more forgivable.

Deciding to forgive the person will be a process and may take more time than expected, but has a more positive outcome than spearing them from your life.

Just remember to:

-Be understanding
-Be honest and open
-Do not be bitter
-Keep yourself guarded, but do not disengage
-Consider starting a fresh, renewed relationship if they are ready

Hopefully keeping this mindset and working hard to mend the trust, the relationship can be restored. Being stolen from and conned can easily make one bitter, angry, and distrustful. By allowing yourself to forgive the culprit, these negative effects can be overcome and make you a stronger person.

So do you have any comments or questions? Do you want to tell us a time when someone close conned you?

Just post them below. Thank you.

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