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My Facebook Friend Scammed Me

You get a friend request from an old school friend or a long-lost cousin, but wasn’t you already friends with them?

It is a picture of them, and they have all the information the same as the other account. Maybe they were locked out of their previous account…so you accept.

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Now the Facebook Scam

It could come in many ways, but you are contacted from that friend or family member. Can you loan me some money? Do you want to buy this item?

It will be some way of separating you from your money or material goods.

But, you trust your friend or family member and you loan them the money or buy an item that never is delivered.

You start wondering…

Why would they scam me? What should you do?

So you start telling other friends or family members and the one gossiper contacts the person.

Now several things can happen, but normally the friendship ends because they assume you are accusing them of something they didn’t do.

It would have been much better if you would have just called the person.

What happened on Facebook?

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A professional scammer found your Facebook profile and they noticed you are a generous person. So… they found one of your friend or family member’s profiles and stole their pictures and information. They then created a fake Facebook account and went after your generosity.

And you trusted them.

Didn’t anything seem suspicious?

Why didn’t you call the person on the phone first?

All I can say is: Don’t trust Facebook. It may just not be your friend or family member, but a clone.

Don’t send them anything without first calling them. And, don’t ask the Facebook profile their phone number…look it up or ask a common friend or family member.

It really is that simple.


If you have any comments or questions, just post them below. Thank you.


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