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How to Explain Gun Safety to Your Children

Guest post by Michelle Bordagegun rights

American Moms and Dads…

We all want our homes and family’s safe, so we do some research on the purchase of a gun to protect our family.

(hopefully) We take a gun safety course and now we know it all… Right?


There are many questions that you must ask yourself to bring a gun into your family’s home. Let me begin with the uttermost of importance:

  • Should we sit the children down and explain what a gun is? Or, should we just hide it in the closet where we know where it is in case we need it?


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Everyone in the home should be aware that there is a firearm in the home. Children are extremely curious and will find things that you forgot you had in the first place! Do not underestimate the power of their curiosity!


Introduce your firearm (unloaded) to the family. A training course for each member is highly recommended as well. Do not sugarcoat the reason for the gun, yet do not scare your child in the process.

This is a highly sensitive topic to introduce to your child and it is vital that they pay attention to this topic and even repeat the explanation back to you for (both) your assurances.

I also suggest a website that I have recently viewed called THE WELL ARMED WOMAN. It can be found at This website has an incredible amount of informative information including courses, podcasts, news, blogs, videos and so much more.

In today’s world with our children, sometimes a visual effect takes more stance than just the explanation will.

  • Should I keep the gun loaded at all times?


This can be a very tricky question!

On one hand, if you have a break-in or emergency situation and you need to be armed at once. Fumbling around for your ammo could be extremely problematic and what if the gun is at one end of the room and the ammo the other? Time is of the issue in a scenario such as this.

On the other hand, is it a safe idea with children in the home to keep a loaded weapon within grasp?


There is basically no (sure) solution to this matter. This must be a decision made by the adult or adults of the home. I must return to the explanation above of the importance of a gun safety course for the entire family.

If the adult feels that the child has a firm grasp on the matter of firearms (and what can happen) once the gun is fired, a good idea would be to have a weekly family meeting on the subject. This way if any questions arise through the week about guns, gun safety, or what guns can and will do, it will be addressed to, and in front of the entire family.

  • The family has taken a gun safety course, should we practice at a gun range?

gun practice


If I could answer yes, a million times on this page I would INDEED!


If anyone in your family has the unfortunate event of needing to use the firearm, it would make sense that they would know how to aim and make contact with a target, so a gun range would be an ongoing training tool of knowledge for the entire family.

To be able to handle a gun you must be comfortable with a gun and know how to operate a gun.

There are thousands upon thousands of break-ins a year in communities just like yours. A thief does not care which area they break into as long as there is knowledge of something (good) on the inside. It is better to be protected in your home than not, having a gun is easy, knowing all the rules, knowledge, and safety of owing a gun takes time and much education to provide a safe atmosphere for you and your loved ones.

  • How do I know having a gun in my home is the right decision?


This is a very important conversation that you must answer for yourself prior to sitting your spouse down to discuss and then the rest of your family.


The discussion of bringing a firearm into the home is a huge decision. There have been many stories of accidental guns going off and even accidental death can enter the equation.

The subject of owning a firearm should not be taken lightly and knowledge of every aspect of owning a gun should be studied and carried out by the entire family.


We would all like to believe that we will never face the hardship of having a break-in in our homes, or the chance that there could come a day that our family could become in danger with an intruder in our home. But the reality is it could happen at any given time on any given day.

Will you and your children be aware and more importantly ready?

If a gun seems like the wrong answer, you may want to consider other possibilities.

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Stay safe and defend your home, your family and your property.

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