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Con Job! 5 Signs You May Be Getting Scammed

Everyday multiple people are conned or scammed out of money, material items or even their complete lives. We call it a con job, but there is really no work involved. As a matter of fact, we need to stop these people and put them in prison where they will actually have to work a job scrubbing toilets.

When we hear of people falling for a con job and we look at it after the fact, we wonder how the person couldn’t see the scam coming.

It isn’t that simple!

Many people are trusting. And can we fault them? Believe me, I really wish the world was similar to when I was a young tyke and everyone left their doors unlocked and windows open.

Well, that was in Humboldt, Iowa anyway.

Crime has run rampant

You won’t find people even in small Humboldt leaving their doors unlocked anymore.

But many people assume that criminals and cons will look the part. That is a key to pulling a con job off… Looking and talking like you are not a con artist.

Don’t assume you can’t be conned or scammed

If you do start thinking you can’t, that young girl scout will sell you some date rape laced cookies, wait til you’re out and rob you blind.

Here are 5 signs you may be getting scammed. First In an Infographic you can download and share and in text under.

5 signs

Con Job Sign #1: When A Stranger Makes It Seem You Are His Teammate

When a total stranger who you have been making small talk with for just a few minutes suddenly starts saying that you and they would make a great team, I would beware.

Team play is a favorite line of many con artists.

Con Job Sign #2: The Offer Is Unrealistic

If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is!

One of the best ways to find out is to type the offer into Google with scam behind it. Most scams of the type have been run before and someone will have wrote an article about it.

If the person is trying to rush you, don’t fall for it.

Con Job Sign #3: Just A Typo

When you are examining paperwork and find a discrepancy and the person says, “Oh, that’s just a typo.”

Don’t sign!

Supposed typos have cost people their life savings.

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Con Job Sign #4: The Person Will “Skirt” Difficult Questions

I always suggest that you ask every question that comes to mind. Look the person directly in the eyes if you are face to face.

If the person just “skirts” around the hard questions:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you have a license?
  • Are you insured?
  • What is your physical address?
  • Etc…

Run away and don’t look back. It is probably a con job.

Con Job Sign #5: Wire Money

Anytime I am asked to wire money, I become immediately suspicious.

With systems like Paypal and others, wiring money is primarily only used by con artists.

If they want you to wire money, ask what other options there are because you are not near a Western Union. The person’s answer should give you a great idea if they are a scammer.


These are obvious signs you may be getting scammed.

Don’t allow someone to take you for your money.

It is okay to say NO!

You are not being Un Christian when you say no.

I hope these helped you and I would like to tell you another device that can make it easier to get con artists into prison.

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Thanks and stay safe!

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