About Us

Sick Of The People That Are Trying To Rob, Steal, Rape and Kill

I have lived over 50 years watching good people be undermined by evil people.

I have had family and friends be conned and scammed and yes, it has happened to me a time or two. In late 2015, I decided to develop ConAware as a means to bring awareness to the many ways people will try to get to get over on other people.

I also want to show people safe ways to shop, move and act.

So Con Aware is now your site to keep up to date on scams and cons… And, I am slowly integrating products to help protect you. These products are available to consumers in the United States and Puerto Rico. By the way, that is where Con Aware is… Beautiful Puerto Rico. Products are manufactured and shipped from Florida.

So make yourself home here at Con Aware and if you have any questions, contact me here.

Now stay safe. Con Aware Cares.

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