9 Safety Tips For Dangerous Neighborhoods

Nearly every city and town has those areas where crime is prevalent and you are told to stay away from, especially after dark. While I have always taken that as a dare, I don’t suggest you do the same. You see, the only reason I can take it as a dare is because I have always lived the lifestyle of no fear… Just guts and glory.

Has that always worked out?

No! I have many scars from knives and one grazed bullet, along with a bent nose, a few missing teeth and I think my brain does have a few damaged areas. That is what many of my friends and family tell me anyway.

Over the years, I have traveled and even lived in some extremely rough and dangerous neighborhoods.

  • Colfax Ave in Denver, Colorado
  • El Cajon, California
  • North Omaha, Nebraska
  • All over St. Louis, Missouri
  • Some time in State prison

And now I live near San Juan, Puerto Rico and crime is rampant. As a matter of fact, I had to stun a character just recently who wanted the car.

I have learned some wise lessons on being and living in dangerous neighborhoods, and I am going to share 9 tips to stay safe and secure in those dangerous neighborhoods.

1: Be Confident In Bad Neighborhoods

If you look scared, the predators will flock to you. If you carry yourself as if you were Charles Bronson’s twin, Chuck Norris’ son or an ex-soldier who was awarded the Medal of Honor and 7 Purple Hearts, most of those “bad guys” will think twice before messing with you.

Do not look lost even if you are.

Carry yourself as if you belong there. Walk as if you are the King or Queen of the streets.

2: Use A Secret Stash

It is best if you keep the majority of any money you have in a secret place:

  • A money belt
  • In your bra
  • Etc…

Just keep a small amount in your purse or billfold. I also suggest you do the same with major credit cards.

3: Consider Your Resources

Wherever you are and whatever you carry… You have potential weapons available. A pair of glasses, a lighter, that cup of hot coffee, any of those and many more can be used as a weapon of defense.

But even better, check out the Conaware shop for some defense resources.

4: Trust Your Gut

If your intuition is telling you not to go a certain way or to cross the street, follow that instinct. In many cases, our guts know things before we know them.

5: Look Like The Natives

Is it really a good idea to wear that gold chain or that huge diamond ring on your hand? Are high heels wise if there is a chance you may have to run? You may have a suit and tie on, but loosen that tie and look like you are a member of the Cosa Nostra.

6: 6 Foot Rule

Do not allow any people within your space. I suggest a 6 foot rule all around you. Some assholes may try to break the rule; either back away or even push them away and be loud if need be.

7: Know What You Are Eating Or Drinking

It happens a lot… A person is slipped a little pill that dissolves in their drink and a short time later that person can have anything done to them.

Do not accept unopened drinks from strangers and be choosy on where you eat and drink.

8: Not Everyone Is Bad

I have to say this… Do not assume everyone in the neighborhood is bad. As a matter of fact, there are probably more good people than bad people.

If someone says a welcome to you, it is good to be polite and answer, but keep moving and keep it brief.

9: Stay In Good Physical Shape

F-SPORTY WHITE SNEAKER 15% OFF FIRST ORDERYou just never know if you may have to defend yourself or run. But how do you do either if you are in bad physical shape?

Exercise daily and eat and live right… You will be glad you did.

I highly recommend Daily Organic Greens. I love them.


I must also tell you that any neighborhood can be dangerous. Some of the most hideous crimes ever done were in gated communities.

Always be aware of your surroundings and the people.

If you are defensively proactive, the bad people will be offensively inactive.

If you have any other tips or questions, please post them below. Thank you and stay safe!

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