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7 Tips On Staying Safe In A Crowd

We talk so much about safety when you are alone in desolate places but in all actuality, many crimes and acts of violence happen in the midst of a crowd.

I live in Puerto Rico and every year, one of the biggest festivals is the San Sebastián Street Festival in Old San Juan.

Now while it is one huge party, every year there is always something bad happening right in the midst of the crowd.

  • Women, and men have been raped
  • Pickpockets
  • People have been shot and stabbed
  • Etc…

Now this is a fun crowd, but there are cases you may be in a crowd to protest certain government actions. These can also turn violent.

And maybe you are just on a crowded street and some freak does something stupid like the person who ran over several pedestrians in Times Square earlier this year.

I am providing 7 tips to stay safe while in crowds.

After all, we need to be proactive with our safety.

Crowd Safety Tip #1: Carry Protection

Maybe you have a concealed carry permit but one of the first things taught is to consider innocent bystanders. Using that firearm in a crowd is not wise. I suggest that you carry a stun gun such as this one.

If stun guns are not legal in your location, Tear Gas probably is. This is the best.

Crowd Safety Tip #2: Know All Escape Routes

You want to take mental note upon entering where you can exit the crowd. Find them all and if you are with other people, make a plan as to where you meet if this happens.

Crowd Safety Tip #3: Be Aware Of The Surroundings

This tip should be used in all circumstances. I cannot preach it enough!

You should know where possible danger zones, safety zones and more. You just need to know what is what and who is where.

If violence breaks out, this will help you know the best path to take.

Crowd Safety Tip #4: Try To Stay Away From The Center

The edge of a crowd is much safer than the middle.

If a stampede starts, the people in the middle are in the most danger. Try to stay on the edge away from the middle.

Crowd Safety Tip #5: Dress Wisely

I suggest you do not wear clothing that has items hanging off that can get caught.

Dress weather and crowd wise.

Is it really a good idea to wear high heel shoes? Open toe shoes?

Maybe you want to look sexy but sexy doesn’t look good in the morgue.

Sorry to be so blunt, but sometimes that is the only way to get through.

Crowd Safety Tip #6: If You Hear Gunshots

Get behind this guy…

big guy

8 foot tall, 6 foot wide and Bulletproof

Okay, I just thought I would lighten this up a bit. Maybe that really wasn’t funny.

No, just don’t panic. Go the opposite way from where you are hearing those shots.

Well unless you are that concealed and carry person… Do not pull your firearm until you see the active shooter because others may think you are the shooter.

When you do confront the shooter, no questions; unload at least 4 rounds into his/her chest. And then hold your firearm and exclaim loudly you have stopped the shooter and you are a C & C gun owner. Keep saying this until the authorities arrive.

If you know for sure the criminal is not going to cause any more issues, holster your firearm for your safety.

Crowd Safety Tip #7: Carry Money And Credit Cards In A Safe Place

I suggest having your billfold in your front pocket and carry a purse that is tight and hard for another person to open.

Money and cards can be put into a money belt or make a stash in your bra.

Just use common sense and you can keep your possessions in your control.


As an added tip, know how much alcohol you can handle, and keep an eye on it. You don’t want someone to slip a drug in it that makes you easy.

If you think the crowd is getting unmanageable, maybe it is best that you leave.

There will be other times and days. Why take a risk?

I hope these tips helped you. Please leave a comment saying yea or nay. And also, will you share this with your social friends? They may need these tips too.

Thank you.

Now go party!

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